July 2016

Photo: Richard Renberg

Västra Kikkejaure

August 23 2015

Photo: Richard Renberg

Västra Kikkejaure

October 2014

Photo: Richard Renberg

Water Lapland

Summer 2013

Photo: Richard Renberg


Windy and rainy beginning of summer 2013

Photo: Richard Renberg

Fox Lapland

Friendly fox visit in the summer of 2012

Large photo here. Photo: Rune Renberg

Grey Lapland 2012

Rainy start of the summer in 2012

High water in Lake Kikkejaure
. More photos from 2012 here.

Deli Reindeer

Deli Reindeer - Smoked heart and Marinated Meat

From Svents Livs, Coop Älvsbyn

Deli Lapland

Newly Tared wood boat

Newly tared wood boat summer 2012

Great stuff, tar.

Moring Mist Lapland

No mosquitos during the hot summer of 2011

Hardly any mosquitos were seen during the summer of 2011 which is very unusuall. However, the fishing was great and the old wooden boat is still floating.
The summer of 2011 was extremely hot with almost no rain at all :-)

Lapland Cooking

New Cookbook on this website

I´ve added a Web Cookbook with some Lapland special dishes on this website.
The Renberg Cookbook here



Mining Lapland

Gold & Mineral Rush in Lapland

Mining companies from all over the world are prospecting for Gold all over Lapland. Try Your luck in a creek near Kikkejaure!

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