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Kikkejaure lake is situated in Swedish Lapland. This is right in the middle of Sami culture. Most lakes, rivers and mountains have Sami names. "Jaure" is Sami language for "lake".

Reindeerherding is very common in the area. The River of Aby runs through Lake Kikkejaure.


Arvidsjaur: 50 km | By car: 40 minutes
Alvsbyn: 60 km | By car: 45 minutes
Pitea: 70 km | By car: 60 minutes
Luleå: 140 km | By car: 90 minutes




You will need a car. This is a Cabin in the wilde.

There are neighbours but 95 % of Lake shores is pure nature.

The lake is 1500 hektar, about the size of 3000 soccerfields. The depth is nearly 90 meters at one point.

Moose Roadsign

Drive carefully - Lots of reindeer and moose


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