Rent a private house in Swedish Lapland

Electricity & Firewood included. Dogs allowed. Fire extinguisher = Yes.

Fresh drinking water: There is a 25 litre tank that You can fill up with drinking water at a close by freshwater spring or at gasstations in Arvidsjaur or Alvsbyn. The hot/cold running water in the house is lake water, but some people use it for drinking.

Garbage: In Sweden garbage is cleaned and sorted - Also in the wilderness. You can take sorted garbage to Arvidsajur or Alvbyn. Dont throw it in the nature!

Washing clothes: By hand with hot and cold water. Washing bucket and ropes for drying available in the house. Easy and oldstyle :-)

Dry Toilet: After using the toilet put one cup of toilet-powder in toilet.

What to bring on arrival: A happy smile. Clothes for all weather inclusive rain. Breakfast food

What to do on departure: Turn off elements, empty refridgerator from fresh food. Turn off all electricity inside and outside house. Thanks!




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