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You´re allowed to do free fishing all over Kikkejaure Lake and in the smaller lakes beneath the bridge.

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The Lapland Lake of Kikkejaure provides "all You can Eat" when fishing Perch/Bass or Pike. The Pike caught in the cold Lapland waters is delicious! Skilled fishermen catch Whitefish / Greyling and Salmon Trout. Using a net You can get local fish such as Burbot, Selak and Sik. Deli! A Lapland Fishing Cage - Mjarde can be used.

Fishing Hotspots

The best Salmon Trout fishing is about 1-2 or h drive away in the Pitea river. Places like Tjeggelvass, Trollforsen, Bomselkojan and the creek of Udja are legendary and almost mythical hotspots. Long walks and lots of mosquitos. Great fishing. I prefer MEPPS Spinners - The professionals use fly fishing equipment.

All You Can Eat

The greatest food and deli is ALWAYS cooked on the fish YOU CAUGHT in Lake Kikkejaure or surrounding waters, rivers or creeks. Best served by an open fire next to the water :-) Like a Fishsoup or a pike on open fire!

My personel idea of fishing:

I never catch or kill more fish than I can eat.

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