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How is the weather during summertime?

Normally the temperature various between 15-25° degrees Celsius from late May to late August. Some summers are colder, some really hot. The weather can change very fast in Lapland. But like we say up here; "There is no bad weather, only bad clothes".

Can we swim in the lake during summertime?

Yes, there is a small "sandbeach" close to the house. If the summer is hot and nice it´s great swimming. It all depends on weather conditions. But if it is cold in the air You can always wash by taking a nice hot shower outdoors with a nice view on the lake. Usually the water is bit warmer on the bothnian coast where a lot of people go swimming.

Are there any neighbors close to the house?

Yes, two right next to the house (50-100 meters). Within a 5-10 minutes walk it is possible to reach 12 different houses of different shape and size. These neighbors are not visible from my house. Nice people, all of them.

Is there a problem with mosquito's in the summertime?

Some people are bothered, some ain´t. Mosquito's are all over Lapland during summertime. Some years there is more, some less.

Kikkejaure Lake is no exception, but since the house is so close to the lake (with a slight breeze) there is less mosquito's than in other places. Birds (that live on the front porch) also help to keep the area around the house "clean" by feeding on mosquito's. Usually mosquito's don´t hang around during daytime, they tend to prefer the evening and nighttime. There is protective sprays and creams available in most stores in Lapland. Inside the house all mosquito's are killed by a small electrical device called "Sterminio".




Sterminio Mosquito killer

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Lapland Djungle Oil

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